Performance Management What are your goals?
  • Performance Management Interview with Joshua A. Sky

  • Employee Performance Management encompasses effective structure, communication, consistency and fairness. It attempts to remove as much subjectivity as humanly possible. In broader terms, it impacts the organization, individual departments, systems and/or processes to build a product or service with results that have value.


    According to a SHRM article, annual performance goals that feel purposeful and attainable to employees can be a great motivator. But too often, goals set at the start of the year become obsolete by midyear. "No one wants to work on a goal that is no longer relevant," said Lisa Chui, Vice President of People at San Francisco life sciences company Dascena.


    Performance objectives are defined for the individual employees usually for one year. With goals for both the organization and each sub-part of that structure, depending on its size, everything is linked.


    • Are you measuring performance at all? And if you are, is it as being measured as objectively as possible?
    • Do employees understand the employer’s expectations of them?
    • Are employees empowered to bring results each year to the organization?
    • Do they truly earn their salary increases and bonuses?
    • Are you making the right investment that will increase awareness, communication and ultimately productivity?
    • How is all of this impacting your BOTTOM LINE - increased revenue and reduced “wasted” expenses?


    We had many good employees but thought we could be more effective and efficient. TSTLC was very meticulous in presenting a Performance Management program specific to our company and the challenges we face in a 24/7 business. Joshua trained all managers and staff members of the company to explain how the program would work. Then, he met with each manager and direct report to execute the program; this was done mostly in person but when not practical, he offered his services virtually using a desktop sharing program and teleconferencing. He was very hands on in providing all of the documentation necessary to make the program work. TSTLC followed up regularly and kept everyone focused on the company and departmental goals, individual performance objectives, timelines and deliverables of the PM program. The employees were more effective and efficient. Greater results were achieved, some that were unimaginable at the start!


    Productivity went up and the employees became even more focused on their duties. There were rewards tied to performance which motivated both managers and staff. TSTLC was engaged every step of the way. The managers also benefited in learning how to more effectively communicate with their employees about expectations, how they may be falling below expectations or exceeding what the company needed from them. TSTLC brought focus without burdening anyone at our company with the administration of this type of program that permeates the entire year. The goals and rewards produced a very positive effect on overall efficiency and productivity as early as the first year of implementation.


    -L. G., President (company of 30 employees); Fort Lauderdale, Florida