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  • Coaching for Business Success Interview with Joshua A. Sky

  • Executive/Leadership Coaching is a professional process that supports business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, managers front-line supervisors and their employees. The focus can be on interacting with others (interpersonally) or on individual issues (intrapersonally) in any of these various segments:


    • Leadership
    • Supervisory Skills
    • Organizational Strategy
    • Career Advancement
    • Effective Communication Skills
    • Work Life Balance
    • Building Better Relationships
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Career Changes
    • Team Building
    • Management Development
    • Employee Motivation
    • Change Management Issues
    • Time Management
    • Improving Communication
    • Setting and Attaining Goals

    TRUST is Key!


    Coaching enlightens self-awareness for behavioral changes. These behavioral changes impact individual development and collective advancement within groups, teams and organizations. Our coaching program begins with a two-hour Welcome Session, engaging the coaching client early in order to develop TRUST allowing for earlier breakthroughs and long-lasting progress and success.



    "Within the first hour we met, it was evident that it would not be possible to get to answers for a piece of the puzzle without looking at the whole thing! Because a great deal of the actions we take are motivated by other areas in our life, it is imperative to examine ‘the big picture’. I feel like coaching has helped me to examine different aspects of my work (and personal) life and has provided me with an understanding of why I do some of the things I do. My biggest accomplishment was sticking to the goals we set aside. I have found if I cannot keep the promises I make to myself, I’m only doing a disservice to myself and the others around me.I’m more focused and productive. Coaching is a great way to learn about new tools you can use to improve the way you work and live." – A.L. of Naples, FL

    "Joshua worked closely with me in establishing short and long-term goals....I was successful in achieving the goals that were set out for me....the clearest evidence is the fact that my supervisor has verbally recognized those successes over the last few months." – L.S., of Napa, CA

    "While focusing on my business, Joshua helped me to go from not really knowing how to ‘get out of my own way’ to helping me to create action steps that allowed me to build credibility with my clients and put processes in place that will allow me to take more control of, and ultimately grow, my business. There is no question in my mind that his services are extremely valuable, no matter what business one is in." – J.M. of Fort Myers, FL

    "Joshua is a very focused individual himself and has the innate ability to hone right in, cutting through all the clutter of the active 'creative' mind." – D.M. of Bonita Springs, FL

    "The high points (of my coaching experience) were when I was able to check off, as accomplished, goals I had set for myself... Josh was sufficiently knowledgeable. Our primary focus was on goal setting. Another focus was trying to visualize and work towards achieving a more flexible, independent work arrangement (in my life)."

    I.S., of Miami Beach, FL

    "Joshua helped me to identify areas that were lower in my DiSC® profile and to determine ways that we could work together to improve... to make me more efficient in my work. He helped me to design goals that were realistic and helpful… He was very respectful in setting tasks that I could accomplish while taking me out of my comfort zone. This is important because if he had pushed too much, I think I would have resisted because it would have felt like I was being forced to do something. His approach worked for me."  A.C. of Naples, FL

    "I felt Joshua was very knowledgeable with respect to what I wanted to accomplish...I would have to say that patience and the ability to help me to develop an internal compass were more important than strict knowledge." L.P. of Naples, FL

    "I really had no idea what this would be like since I had never been involved with any type of program like this before. I think this type of coaching experience is very beneficial as long as the person is open-minded and willing to try the suggestions of the coach. I realized that I don’t have to be perfect; it’s OK to make a mistake. I can do my best to achieve excellence but I can’t be perfect. I learned how to control my frustration with a co-worker, changing my attitude and realizing that each person has their own way of expression and dealing with the situation at hand. It was a very enlightening experience." D.S. of Lehigh Acres, FL

    Joshua was key in helping me to identify priorities. We have many things we always want to work on, talking with him made me realize that it is wise to take on goals step-by-step...After the coaching, I am more aware of myself. I think we connected really well, and that was helpful in making fast progress. He understood me very well. I think the skills I wanted to improve are probably the most common ones: human relationships and communication." – M.M. of Stanton, MN

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