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  • Our response to COVID-19 Free Webinar
    As a Certified Everything DiSC® Trainer, we offer a suite of personal development learning experiences that measure an individual's preferences and tendencies based on the DiSC® model.  
    The Assessment: 
    * Powered by 40+ years of research
    * Adaptive testing and sophisticated algorithms
    * Precise, personalized insights for each participant


    Our response to COVID-19 Free Webinar
    Since the pandemic began, we have offered webinars on Working From Home: Time Mastery Tips and Managing Employee Performance to HR professionals all around the country. Based on the feedback we have received; we are hosting roundtable discussions.

    During these complimentary 30-minute sessions, we will facilitate an open discussion driven by topics raised by those who attend. Bring your PM questions “to the table” to discuss and find possible solutions to your challenges with other HR professionals.


    We were recently interviewed by Channel Pro Network about how our coaching services, specifically how we help our clients with Time Management issues. During this pandemic, individuals have been facing new or modified challenges in working from home whether it is for the very first time, happening more often than before or under different circumstances.


    Listen to this brief interview here


    Online Sexual Harassment Prevention Training eCourses Available!

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  • PEOPLE...


    No matter what type of organization you are in,

    there are PEOPLE.


    Our strength is in the PEOPLE side of doing business.


    Organizations have

    buildings, furniture, equipment, inventory,

    even the latest technology,

    but without PEOPLE,

    what would happen?




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