• 20 in '19 Program

    Celebrate 20 years in business with us!

    Celebrating 20 Years in Business 1999 - 2019


    We are pleased to announce that we are celebrating our 20th year in business.


    To share our gratitude in reaching this incredible milestone, we are excited to launch our “20 in ‘19” program!


    A complimentary series of

    six coaching sessions will be offered

    to 20 individuals throughout ’19.

    Participants in this 20 in '19 program to date are:

    CAIR Florida 20 in '19 Program The Sky's The Limit Consulting, Inc.
    Calusa Waterkeeper 20 in '19 Program The Sky's The Limit Consulting, Inc.
    Feeding Children Everywhere 20 in '19 Program The Sky's The Limit Consulting, Inc.
    Gold Aviation 20 in '19 Program The Sky's The Limit Consulting, Inc.
    Matthew Shepard Foundation 20 in '19 Program The Sky's The Limit Consulting, Inc.
    Southwest Florida Community Foundation 20 in '19 Program The Sky's The Limit Consulting, Inc.
    The Shelter for Abused Women & Children 20 in '19 Program The Sky's The Limit Consulting, Inc.
    Syngenta Global 20 in '19 Program The Sky's The Limit Consulting, Inc.
    Valerie's House 20 in '19 Program The Sky's The Limit Consulting, Inc.
  • 20 in '19


    "As someone in a new executive role, I found Joshua's coaching invaluable. His insight and candor helped me recognize areas of professional improvement and also helped facilitate personal growth. What made this experience even more fulfilling is Joshua's generous donation of his time to our cause ensuring that under my leadership my organization has the potential to thrive for years to come. I look forward to working with Joshua as I continue my career as a development professional." – J.F. of Denver, CO

    "I learned a great deal while working with Joshua. I learned that the scope of the management extends far beyond being responsible for the people under you and accountable to the people over you. I would say the best take away I received and lesson learned about myself would be: to be an effective manager you need to first be a leader. Being able to take a quick step back and train yourself to look at the overall picture is a long process but an invaluable one. Each decision, interaction, or even a simple answer to a question could help or hinder yourself, team, and company as a whole. The processes and tools I received working with Joshua will be with me for a very long time." – W.W., of Ft. Lauderdale, FL

    "I learned about my unique behavioral style including tendencies, personal needs, comfort zones and effectiveness strategies. Awareness of my strengths and weakness directed me towards positive individual improvement and successful interaction with others. Joshua Sky from The Sky’s The Limit Consulting is attentive, knowledgeable and provided insightful guidance to help me reach my personal development goals." – T.M. of LaBelle, FL

    "This program helped me to appreciate constructive feedback and to use it to improve my professional and personal performance. I learned that in order to achieve more productivity and construct stronger relationships, effective communication is extremely valuable. There are several tools and techniques that I can use to improve it. In addition, the program taught me that strategic reflection, planning and execution with good follow up help to have greater efficiency in time management. I really believe that putting into practice the tools and reflections provided by this coaching program will make me a more effective listener and communicator." – P.Z. of Culiacán, Mexico

    "What I learned about myself during our time together is that I am capable of a lot of things. Organizing events is not an easy thing, and it takes a lot of creativity to make a student event successful. I appreciate being pushed in the way I needed to be to grow personally and professionally, and pushed to bring along others in the way I need to. It’s an important part of growth to have others notice your strengths and help guide you to use them in the best way. I think we all know our strengths, but having someone there to guide you on how to strategically use them is extremely helpful. The guidance, coaching and advice I received while participating in this program will help me for the rest of my professional career; and, for that I am grateful." – M.M. of Fort Myers, FL

    "Thanks to working with Joshua in The Sky’s The Limit Consulting’s 20 in ’19 Gratitude Program, I learned a lot about how to better manage my time. This was an important goal for me since I came into the coaching sessions feeling overwhelmed by a combination of non-profit volunteer work, tending to my own business needs, and trying to squeeze in part-time retirement. With Joshua’s help, I now have a method for planning and using my time wisely—and it really works! Through my participation in the program, I also learned how to be a better leader through delegation, accountability, collaboration and, most importantly, recognizing ways to work with others who may have a different point of view. Many thanks to Joshua for these valuable gifts!" – R.W. of Fort Myers, FL

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