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Slow Down

· Time Management,Coaching,Self-Improvement

Isn’t life moving faster than ever? Don’t we see it in every part of our lives? Everyone around us is also moving a fast pace. Technology was supposed to make our lives easier. Phones ring. Emails interrupt us. Texts fly in. To slow down takes a major effort.

In coaching it’s all about toleration. How much are you going to tolerate? You must actually stop and think about what you’re going to do to manage everything going on around you. And, surprise, no one else WILL do it for you; no one else CAN do it for you. If it is to be, it’s up to me.

Work with planning and evaluation. Work with important things because not everything is urgent. Work with a coach if necessary.

Take a breath! Slow down!

“Slow living is not about living your life in slow motion; it’s about doing everything at the right speed and pacing instead of rushing. By that same logic, slow living is not about losing time by going slowly; it’s about gaining time by doing the things that are most important to you.” - Kayleigh Dray