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A Coaching Story - Vol. XIV

· A Coaching Story


Sharon and her husband had been running a family-owned business for almost 20 years. Over the years, the business began failing. Having lost a major client, not being able to keep up with expensive technology, and competing with other larger companies who were able to produce faster and better, were all factors in slowing them down. When Sharon and I met, her husband had just started a full-time job and she was in pursuit of one herself; both were ready to shut down their business completely.


Sharon, who was in her late 40s, was re-entering the job market for the first time as an adult. She had started the job search and was not seeing results.


In working together, we reviewed what she had done to that point, created possibilities to explore, and gave her a structure for achieving her goals. Sometimes thinking outside the box with an objective individual can help you see things that you couldn't on your own. Sharon felt the external support served as validation of her moving in the right direction.

Looking for a job, after being out of the market since her early 20s was frightening for Sharon. Having someone to speak with weekly, to acknowledge her accomplishments, observe her actions and confirm that it takes time to find the right job to meet her many needs was where I fit in. This is a prime example of how a holistic approach in coaching is so necessary.

Sharon's story involves meeting professional as well as personal needs. With a house full of three teenagers and a college degree under her belt, Sharon had challenges and options. By the time we were done, she was beginning a part-time position that would allow her to sustain what was left of their business, provide her family with health benefits, a regular income, and would serve as a steppingstone to other opportunities. She made a choice based on many factors and didn't settle.