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Solitaire If/Then Impacts

· Obstacles,Motivation,Results,Performance

For some time now, I have been playing Solitaire (the card game) again. As a child, I remember learning it, and a variation of it, from grandparents on both sides of my family. In Russian, it was called “Patience”. Fast forward to a world that my grandparents could have never imagined – with digital versions of this game not only on computers but now on all types of electronic devices, including my smartphone.

Lately, I have been playing almost every day. There is a Daily Challenge (helping me to understand from the derivation of the Russian name). Sometimes it takes me more than 10 tries to complete the game. With this, one of my reflections of this game is that with “trial and error”, there is a comparison to life, in general. Each day, we try things, some with relatively easy success, some with struggle and some even with failure.

It’s a game based on making moves and one move impacts the next. Therefore, one incorrect move can hinder reaching the outcome and completing the game. Also, it spotlights “cause and effect”, each move impacting the next one. This is probably why games like this are recommended to keep our brains vibrant.

Each and every day, your “if” will lead to your “then”. Choose wisely!

“Our daily decisions and habits have a huge impact upon both our levels of happiness and success.” - Shawn Achor