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A Coaching Story - Vol. VII

· A Coaching Story,Communication,Work Styles,Obstacles,Conflict


My work in coaching sometimes brings an opportunity for what I call triangle coaching. This is working with two individuals simultaneously and together. This could be a supervisor and a direct report or two colleagues who work on the same team. A common theme in these situations is a misunderstanding between the two individuals; this is due to their differing perspectives.


In these instances, we strive to get each of the two individuals to share from where they are sitting. Frustrations are often due to not having this opportunity and trying to resolve the conflict from only one side. As the facilitator in the process, I ask questions that help each one better understand from where the other is coming. We also review their DiSC® profiles so that we can apply what these reports reveal about what is important to each person, what their priorities are, what motivates them, what they fear and what their limitations will be.


The challenge is deeply rooted in trust. Each participant needs to trust the process, the other person as well as me, as the intermediary. Without trust, we lose the opportunity for honesty and vulnerability. Without honesty and vulnerability, we lose the opportunity for growth, commitment, and results.

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