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· Communication,Expectations,Customer Service,Team Work

Was looking at a job description posted online (long story, as to why I was looking at this particular one) and the criteria caught my eye.  

The position was for a Ground Equipment Aviation Mechanic for a major airline and here are the first two bullet points in the job description:

• Provides friendly service to and maintains positive relationships with all internal and external customers

• Works in a cooperative spirit to ensure the success of our Company

What followed was what you would expect for this type of position, all of the technical knowledge, skills and abilities necessary.  So what is the message here about what’s important for this position? 

What are these first two bullets telling you about the culture of the organization?  What is the signifcance of these two non-technical attributes appearing as the first two on a list of 12 work activities?  

And is it possible that these two are standard criteria listed for ALL positions within the company?  Is this a place that you would want to work?

"What is the difference between

an obstacle and an opportunity?

Our attitude toward it.

Every opportunity has a difficulty,

and every difficulty has an opportunity.”

– J. Sidlow Baxter