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Every Day: There is Opportunity

· Motivation,Communication,Expectations,Self-Improvement,Obstacles

A while back, a client told me that she was passed over for a promotion by her employer. The feedback she had received was that while she had the technical skills and had recently completed a BA degree, the hiring manager had remembered how the candidate had behaved during a company meeting a while back. At that time, there were some announcements about upcoming changes and her reaction in a team meeting was less than favorable. She couldn’t quite understand why the hiring manager would still hold that perception of her.

Negative impressions are hard to remove from others’ perspectives. Every day there is opportunity to prove your potential and model your character to your employer or to your customers.

Make the most of that opportunity you have today!

 “We are products of our past, 

but we don't have to be prisoners of it.” ― Rick Warren