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Diversity as Strengths

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For the longest time, when organizations looked at diversity, they focused on race and gender. Add ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation, language, family, culture, region, and so on. Multi-generational issues is a hot topic right now, helping people understand that there are differences in how each generation in today’s workplace, there are three, sometimes four in existence at one time, each seeing things differently. Individual behavior styles also add to the variety. There are so many aspects of your workplace that should be considered. Different is not wrong, different is just that, different!

We all have our strengths and areas for improvement. To learn more about yourself and others, consider an assessment tool; the very well-known DiSC® Behavioral Profile® which examines four behavioral dimensions:





"People and their differences make up the foundation of an organization’s ability to develop broad perspectives and to approach business problems in new and creative ways.”

- Barbara Walker