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With Which Two Fears Are We Born?

· Expectations,Obstacles,Stress

There are only two fears with which we come into this world, what are they?

What about our fears of public speaking? Of confrontation? Of being perfect? Of failure or for that matter, of success? If we weren’t born with them does this mean we’ve learned them? In fact, that’s just what it does mean. We have two innate fears which are universal and are common to all humans regardless of the society or culture into which they were born and raised. And yet, every other fear we have is based on our own reaction to an experience in our lives and how we’re still being held back by that fear.

Fear is actually the foundation of most of our human actions. It’s one of two reasons we do anything at all; the other is LOVE. Fears aren’t real, they’re illusions, they don’t exist. They are responses to ideas that we’ve created from things we thought were true but actually were not. Fears are the mind’s way of finding the areas of our lives that we actually need to work on. And as we do, we may make mistakes, we will always learn and grow.

So what are those two fears? They are the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling. As for the universal ones, being afraid of heights is pretty common but are you afraid of falling or do you feel that you are in control enough not to be scared. And what about loud noises – do you just jump for a moment when you hear thunder or hear loud music playing, or do you just accept that you know what it is and you don’t need to be afraid of it because, once again you are in control?