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INsight from the OUTside

· Coaching,Motivation,Stress,Self-Improvement,Obstacles

All new coaching clients are asked to complete a Coaching Questionnaire where they respond to a series of questions about their dreams and about themselves. When Katherine filled hers out, there were points she addressed that were very revealing for us later on. She claimed to always be interested in improving herself and asked for guidance in helping her reach her goals but she also shared that when things became stressful, she would shut down, disconnect.

Moving ahead requires a desire to move ahead and it has to be strong enough to face adversity, even that which is self-created. If not, we’re merely tolerating. Once we make the decision to stop putting up with something that is really in our way, which often takes a great deal of effort, we CAN move forward. In Katherine’s case, I would not have been effective if I didn’t offer her some INsight from the OUTside. Sometimes we are too close to the very things that are right in front of us, blocking us from moving forward. An objective perspective can shine the light on what we can’t see.

Believe and Succeed

“To see what is right and not to do it is want of courage.” – Confucius