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When the Phone Rings.....

· Communication,Coaching

Stepping out for a quick shopping chore on Sunday morning, my cell phone rang twice, in only 30 minutes. At first, I thought of how absurd this seemed but then I thought about it differently. We often look at how annoying being reached by phone at all hours, in all places, can be a hindrance. And for those who know me, it’s not unusual for me to profess that ‘people can only reach us if we let them,’ or “the choice is ultimately our own.’ And yet, these calls were helpful. I was able to supply quick answers to those that called and I also got information that caused me to do something differently and therefore, use my time more efficiently.

Besides myself, two other individuals were helped that day. And why? Because of better communication. All day long, we function and seek a great deal of information from other people and other resources. This goes on from the time we open our eyes until we shut them again. Using our time wisely and communicating effectively are critical. What transpired during those phone calls wasn’t anything life-threatening but nonetheless; it made all three of us involved more productive with our time.

Improving our communication skills is an ongoing life-learning process. For any behavior to change, it takes time, energy and repetition. At times, we can get lazy making these changes but with the help of a good coach, success is almost guaranteed!

“The three C’s of life: Choices, Chances and Changes. You must make a Choice or take a Chance

or your life will never Change.” - Anonymous