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When People Don't Return Calls

· Communication,Expectations,Obstacles

Are you frustrated when people don’t return your call or call you back with information that you have asked of them?

Technique #1

Don’t expect people to get back to you. Follow-up on a regular basis. People are busier and busier and do not always remember to get back to you because they get sidetracked on other priorities. Or your priority is not necessarily the same as theirs. It’s not that they’re avoiding you, they may not have an answer for you.

Technique #2

During your last interaction, schedule the next one. “Could you have that answer for me by Friday?” “Could I give you a call about that decision on Tuesday?” Time setting is a type of boundary. It doesn’t mean it will stick but at least it’s not totally open-ended. A timeline has been identified and there is more pressure on their part to meet it. And then when you do follow up, you don’t come across as being that aggressive.

Technique #3

If they cannot give you a follow up time, ask them for a convenient time for you to call them. In this way, they have some control of the situation. Don’t settle for “We’ll get back with you.” It’s too open-ended and one option is for them not to respond from the get-go.

Technique #4

If all else fails……………….Wait three days! And then call once a week after that. Many people give up sooner and this will help you stand out in the crowd whether you’re looking to turn a prospect into a client or if you’re looking for your next position. The purpose is to be as gracious and nice on the umpteenth attempt as on the first and when you finally get through to get more information, make sure you don’t make them feel like they’ve been avoiding you.

Of course if someone tells you to stop calling, please do. It’s a dead end and all the efforts in the world will not change that. Sometimes people will respect you more for being persistent and attentive to them. It could pay off big time.

"There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody simply by spending his money elsewhere."

– Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart