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The Coach's Coach - Part II

· Communication,Expectations

February 11th was the anniversary of the passing of Mr. Thomas J. Leonard, the “father” of the modern coaching movement. In this post, I’d like to continue to share the Principles of Irresistible Attraction that he outlined in his book, The Portable Coach. In February, we also celebrated International Coaches Week (bringing greater awareness to everyone about the profession).


These points relate to attracting things to you:

15. Tolerate nothing. When you put up with something, it costs you. Costs are expensive and thus unattractive.

16. Show others how to please you. Don’t make them guess.

17. Endorse your worst weaknesses. When you can accept and honor the worst part of yourself, you are more accepting of others.

18. Sensitize yourself. The more you feel, the more you’ll notice and respond to the many opportunities in the present.

19. Perfect your environment. The attraction is of a sophisticated system which requires a first-class environment.

20. Develop more character than you need. Integrity is not enough to become irresistibly attractive.

21. See how perfect the present really is. Especially when it is clearly not.

22. Become unconditionally constructive. High levels of respect are very attractive.

23. Orient exclusively around your values. When you spend your days doing what fulfills you, you are attractive.

24. Simplify everything. Abandoning the non-essentials leaves more room for you to attract.

25. Master your craft. Being the best at what you do is the easiest way to become successful.

26. Recognize and tell the truth. The truth is the most attractive thing of all, but it requires skills and awareness.

27. Have a vision. When you can see what’s coming, you don’t need to create a future.

28. Be more human. When you are genuine, you are attractive.

"Nothing wilts faster……….than the laurels you rest on."
– Author Unknown