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Putting Things Off

· Time Management,Self-Improvement,Work Styles

Isn’t putting things off to tomorrow or the next day simply putting things off? Isn’t it simply human nature to avoid the things we don’t like doing or that we possibly see little value in accomplishing for others or even ourselves? When we accept what actually is, we have the opportunity to move ahead without delay. Everything we do is in the present; we can only be in the present, this day, this hour, this moment. The past and future are only concepts of time.

Much of our inclination to postpone projects, responsibilities, chores or tasks lies in our need for order and organization in our way of thinking and in our lives. If we clearly understand what the obstacles may be, and accept them for just what they are, we then can move forward. If we release the tendency to put things off, only then can we begin.

"Productivity is never an accident.

It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort." - Paul J. Meyer