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Overcoming the Competition

· Motivation,Obstacles

What’s the best way to beat the competition? How do you overcome your competition in the most professional and graceful manner?

“Beating the competition” – maybe there’s something in the wording of this very question alone. Where is your real competition – is it truly external or can we think of it as internal? If you operate from the mindset that you are in competition with someone on the outside, people who offer the same service, same product or skill set rather with yourself on the inside, you might miss the best direction you could take. Do you offer the best service to your clients that you can offer? Do you make the best product for your consumers that you know how? Are your skills for a job the best that they can be?

Have you ever been a finalist for an interview and there are four candidates in total? Are your chances for getting the job 25% or could they be at least 50%? Do you think that you have a “1 in 4” chance because there are three others in competition or do you focus on yourself having a “50-50” chance because you can either get the job or not get it? If you’re in competition with yourself assessing your own skills, abilities and experience as prescribed by the job posting, what do you have to offer that makes you special? What can you change to increase your chances even more? Perhaps your 50% chance can be even higher. It shouldn’t matter how many other applicants there are, should it really?

Now if you’re a business owner offering a service or a product, do you have the best to offer prospective clients and existing ones? Is your pricing competitive? Are your services special, do you offer something with added value that may be unique? Your personal connection is important to a buyer but what else can you work on to make you stand out in the crowd so that you pass the first step in making that human connection?

As Mr. Peters’ quote states below if you have your heart in your business (or career) and your business (or career) in your heart, you will have success. People can sense sincerity, integrity but more importantly passion. If they’re not there, people may go elsewhere. Compete with yourself!

"You have to have your heart in the business and

the business in your heart." – Thomas J. Peters