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Networking: Planting More Seeds

· Networking,Goal Setting

“Do you have another moment? I think I have a copy of my resume in my car, let me get it for you.” Whether it’s your resume, your company brochure offering a list of services or products, or your business card, how much room would it take to keep it in your car – in a nice folder or long envelope on the back seat or neatly in the trunk? Not much at all. But if it’s there, you’ll be ready. Ready for whatever new opportunity may be out there for you. Getting information in a decision maker’s hands quickly is key. It also shows preparedness, initiative, determination and focus – many great qualities of someone to hire or do business with.

Last month, Colleen (a coaching client) told me on her session prep form, that she now has her resumes on the back seat. She’s retired, in her early 60s and looking for some part-time work to stay mentally active and have some “play money” as she creates new things in her life. She’s out there networking in a new area (having moved here last summer) and in a way she’s never had to before because all of her career opportunities were easy for her to come by. At least with resumes available readily as she goes from place to place, she’s getting her name out there………….planting more seeds!