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Getting Commitment at Work

· Communication,Expectations,Work Styles

For Interviewers (and Interviewees)

Questions for hiring a candidate that will be a good fit for you.  Here are some questions adapted from "Getting Commitment at Work" by Michael C. Thomas and Tempe S. Thomas, that will help you make your selection:

1. Tell me about the best manager you’ve worked for.  Why were they a good manager?  What would your ideal boss be like?

2. What was your least favorite manager like?  How did you handle the things you didn’t like about them?

3. Tell me about a disagreement you and a previous boss had.  How did you resolve it?

4. If I were your boss, what would be the most important thing for me to support you?

Whether you are the interviewer or the interviewee, an understanding of human behavior styles is crucial. Whichever role you are in, a clear understanding of yourself and how to read others is critical. This working relationship is one that will be a part of your professional life for many hours each week, and hopefully for a long time to come. You want to be sure that it is a good fit.

"The majority of men* meet with failure because of their lack of persistence in creating new plans to take the place of those which fail." - Napoleon Hill


(*) people