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Delegation With Communication

· Communication,Work Styles,Motivation,Conflict,Team Work

Once, I was placed into a situation by a leader who was delegating an assignment to me as part of a group. The parameters in the assignment logistics had changed suddenly for which we were all given written information. There was some explanation as to why things were a certain way, yet some had more preferable situations than the others. The adjustment was only temporary, and I could accept the leader’s decision. It wasn’t my choice but we don’t always get everything that we want.

In working through this, I was trying to figure out what I found most troubling. What was missing for me was a clearer explanation as to why I may have been selected for the shorter end of the stick. Positive and negative possibilities entered my mind while I preferred to focus on the positive. Better communication would have made me more at ease, something personal that would explain why I had the less desirable situation. Having no communication as to the rationale was pushing me to the negative. Through proper communication, support and reassurance, my concerns could have easily been eliminated.

As you delegate, think ahead about the ramifications. How will your actions be perceived? What can you do to support others? What conflict can you eliminate to make people happier and more successful?

"None is richer than he who simply has piece of mind.”
– Maj Wambebe