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Failure IS an Option

· Expectations,Obstacles,Self-Improvement

Is there value in failure? What is its purpose? Think about a time when you have failed at something. How did you feel? What were the repercussions? Was the negative result – long-term or was it just short enough to feel some anguish and maybe in turn to help motivate you to do more, to do better? Often at the time something negative happens to us, we can’t understand why it was necessary but as we move further away from the event, it reveals its value to us. We can walk away learning something that we can apply to improve ourselves.

People don’t always understand that there is value in failure to actual achievement. Here in Southwest Florida, we have the Winter home of Thomas Edison in Fort Myers. Tour guides of the house and laboratory will point out how many times Mr. Edison failed in his attempt to create the electric light bulb – so many failures before accomplishing perhaps his greatest achievement. We need to be willing to risk failure. “No pain, no gain”. There is no way we can realize our full potential unless we have failed so many times that eventually we learn the lessons necessary for us to go on to our greatest achievement. What will yours be?

"Success is never final. Failure is never fatal.

It is courage that counts."

– Sir Winston Churchill