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· Communication,Expectations,Conflict

Wow! This is a topic about which I could write several posts.

We have boundaries in our personal lives and in our professional lives as well. When American pioneers first began going out West to settle in wide open spaces, they would often set up fences around their property. These fences would help to keep out wild animals as well as envelop small children and personal pets and livestock within.

In personal relationships with family and friends, it indicates to others which is acceptable and that which is not based on individual preferences and individual expectations. We are often frustrated when others cross our boundaries and step into places where they are not welcome or don’t belong. We must ask ourselves, have we communicated our desires and our expectations as they relate to these boundaries? If we have and they are still violated, we need to say something again; first calmly and then, if necessary, more firmly.

If not, we can only blame ourselves for any stress or discomfort that is caused by someone stepping onto our property in a way that makes us uncomfortable. New Year’s resolution? Perhaps it could be. Or just something to promise yourself to do and honor it.

“You have to love and respect yourself enough to not let people use and abuse you. You have to set boundaries and keep them, let people clearly know how you won’t tolerate to be treated, and let them know how you expect to be treated." - Jeanette Coron