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What is the impact of attitude? What is that impact on your life – personal and/or professional? Are we guided by our own history, by our education, by our wealth, by our situations, by our failures, by our successes, what people think about us, what they say to us, or perhaps do to us?

Or is attitude more important than how we look, the gifts we have or our skills? Could it make or break a group, a team, an organization, a family?

We clearly have a choice each and every day in how we choose to face the day ahead and the challenges and/or opportunities the universe presents to us. And that choice is tied to the attitude we take.

Can we change what’s in our past?

Can we change the fact that people will behave a certain way?

Can we change everything in our future?

What we can change is how we react – our attitude. Charles Swindoll once was quoted that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. So, therefore, YOU are in charge of your ATTITUDE.

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"What happens is not as important as

how you react to what happens.” – Thaddeus Goals