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A Retired "D"?

· Communication,Work Styles,DiSC

A few months ago, I shared some insight with a professional colleague (I’ll call her “Mona”) and asked her to think about her own DiSC® style. Mona was surprised to hear that she had a high intensity for the “D” dimension which represents Dominance. After she understood this concept a little better, she shared that someone whom she had conflict with had a similar style concentration. This helped her to understand WHY they may lock horns on issues. She felt enlightened.

A few weeks later, another colleague, “Terri”, told me that Mona now feels that she’s a retired “D” because she understands what it means and can adapt. Well, Mona got the adapting part correct. When one understands their own behavioral style, they can use it to their advantage or modify it in order to become more effective. One thing is for certain though; you can never truly be retired from it. It’s a part of you.

Why? Because your behavior style is directly linked to your personality and your personality is directly linked to your DNA. What you CAN do is better understand yourself and make the necessary changes in different situations. Click here to learn more about the DiSC® Behavioral Profile on our website.

“If you’re coasting,

you’re either losing momentum or else,

you’re headed downhill.” - Joan Welsh