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A Coaching Story - Vol. I

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A more than 20-year employee was promoted to his first leadership position within his team while still performing duties for his own position. He was provided some reading material and was registered for an out-of-state week-long leadership. After three months on a customary probation period in this new role, his employer had not seen enough progress; his probation period was extended. His own direct supervisor did not mentor him in this new role.


One of his major areas for development was time management, specifically prioritization and delegation. Eight months after his promotion, our services were procured for time management training; two others who could benefit were also included. The training was supported by two coaching sessions for each individual (six to eight sessions were recommended allowing enough time for application of material learned in actual work situations). During his first coaching session, he shared that he was just informed that after eight months in the promoted position, he was being demoted. He was still not meeting expectations; an external candidate search had begun. He was really relieved to hear this; the pressure was that stressful.


Training is an event...coaching is a process! Unfortunately, the approach taken was ineffective for him. He could have gained more from having individualized long-term support in developing his leadership and time management skills. In fact, the monies spent on his external leadership course alone (including all travel) was much more than the cost of a structured interactive coaching program. To learn more about coaching, click here.

"Until we can manage time, 

we can manage nothing else." 

- Peter Drucker