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Worries: Stuck in Fear

· Goal Setting,Motivation,Expectations,Obstacles

Is your time filled with worries about the future and what might happen or not happen? Are you spending time thinking about your fears to such an extent that it actually cripples you, keeps you stagnant? Does all of this interference prevent you from taking action that might move you forward and closer to your actual goals?

What’s really the issue here? Isn’t it that your energy is not being placed where it truly needs to be…….in the present moment. What is that we really can control – isn’t it what we have before us right now, right? Can we totally control the past anymore?

Often times, my clients present issues that follow this pattern of being stuck in fear and I ask them – “What are you really afraid that will happen? What is the absolute worst case scenario for this situation?” Once the answers have been identified or are seen as not as bad as we may have thought, we can deal with them. We might even be able to let go.

Relax, trust and breathe easier knowing that the Universe will take care of you – hasn’t it always?

" Show me a person who has never made a mistake and I’ll show you somebody who has never achieved much." – Joan Collins