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When To Say "No"

· Communication,Time Management,Expectations

How can saying “NO” be better than saying “YES”?

If you’re asked to do something or volunteer for some position, do you have a challenge turning someone down?

Perhaps you were their first choice, perhaps you were their best choice?

But maybe it’s not in your best interest to accept. Why do we agree to things that we probably shouldn’t? Are we afraid of hurting someone else’s feelings? Do we think that they will think less of us because we don’t accept their offer? Is it always wise to take on more than we can handle? What price might we have to pay by saying YES?

Well, in actuality, if we say NO, are we really turning them down? What is the worst case scenario if we don’t accept? They won’t have anyone to choose from. How does this become our dilemma? For one reason and one reason only - because we allow it to be ours rather than theirs.

Perhaps they need to work harder to find other options. Perhaps we will overextend ourselves if we say YES and not perform up to par or complete tasks or projects at all and end up resigning or quitting. And wouldn’t this be worse than our saying YES in the first place? Have you ever said NO – how did it feel? Especially if you knew that you and maybe the other party would be better off if you had said NO.

Think twice about things you say YES to. Try it sometime and feel the relief of not carrying a burden that you put on yourself.

"The principle [excellence] is competing against yourself. It’s about self-improvement, about being better than you were the day before." – Steve Young