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Supporting Your Remote Workers: One Size Does Not Fit All

· Communication,Team Work,Results,Leadership,Performance

Effective salespeople understand that their approach to each new prospect is not just cookie cutter. By listening carefully to their possible new client, they can better understand what is most important to them, what are their needs, what are they looking for.

This is no different when leading other employees. This has always been true but is more important now as many are working remotely or in a hybrid model. Evaluating performance should always depend on outcomes - measured results. Each employee works differently, each has a distinctive style. Some struggle staying on task, others thrive on to-do lists. Some prefer working with others in person, others have welcomed a greater productivity having interactions more regulated (scheduled).

As a people leader, be careful not to make any assumptions. Ongoing, regular communication and feedback on projects is more important than ever. Casual workspace interactions are less or no longer. Be sure to have scheduled times for opportunities for removing obstacles or reviewing work even while in progress. Honor those times for them and for you. You will learn a great deal. And remember that high achievers need feedback as well, if only validation and praise.

“Everyone wants to be appreciated,

so if you appreciate someone, don’t keep it a secret.”

- Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics