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Success is 99% Failure

· Motivation


Who was this person?

At 23, he lost a bid for his state legislature.

At 24, he failed in a business.

At 25, he was elected to his state legislature.

At 26, his sweetheart died.

At 27, he had a nervous breakdown.

At 34, he was defeated in his nomination for the US Congress.

At 37, he was elected to the US Congress.

At 40, he was rejected as land officer.

At 45, he was defeated in his bid for the US Senate.

At 47, he was defeated in being nominated as the US Vice-President.

At 49, he was defeated again in his bid for the US Senate.

At 51, he was elected to office, carving a place in US History forever.

Would you have had this man’s stamina to face the many failures that he did? What did he learn from each experience on his journey to success? What would have happened if he gave up in his 20s or 30s or better yet, his 40s? What drove him to continue?

What motivates you? Where are you on your journey? What are you passionate about achieving on your path? What do you want out of life today?