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Problem Solving With

"Psychological Distance"

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When we give advice to someone who shares a recurring issue, sometimes while we have offered them a solution, they do not seem to hear us. When we are not personally connected to the issue, it is easier for us to see a resolution. Based on research from IU-Bloomington, this is termed “psychological distance” and it can boost your critical thinking and creativity skills.

How can we use this knowledge to solve our own challenges? Here are two techniques:

Create the distance and think about the issue as if it belonged to someone else. How would you advise them? What options might you share? Use these for yourself.

Another option is to project the circumstances into the future. Think of how you would benefit from taking certain action and how it will seem less massive down the road. This will unfreeze you and allow you to move forward with action based on the imagined outcome.

In some circumstances partnering with a coach can help you:

Stay focused and on track

Work with a partner you can trust

Sound out all types of ideas

Gain insights on issues to which you may be too close

With nonjudgmental support for your success

Take action steps that work for you

Realize the opportunities available to you

Discover your passion

Accomplish more

Get the results that you want

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"Look closely at the present you are constructing; 

it should look like the future you are dreaming.” 

– Alice Walker