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My Favorite Holiday

· Gratitude

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday because it’s not specific to any religion or culture but it is something that is shared by all of us as Americans. In my family, we have a tradition, started by step-mother. We lost her several years ago but we have never forgotten her legacy to us. As we prepare to enjoy our Thanksgiving Day meal we go around the table like many families and friends across the USA. We state what we are grateful for on this day of giving thanks.

Each year, I am humbled when it’s my turn by the many things that I have been spoken about over the course of one year. In 2002, I had just finished five months of chemotherapy and three weeks of radiation treatment to beat cancer. We were most thankful.

This year, we survived the strongest hurricane to hit our area in the 27 years we have been living here. Early on, we had many inconveniences but nothing compared to so many who have been displaced or lost their homes or worse yet, loved ones. Thanksgiving gives us an opportunity to reflect on the year that is about to end and the moments of both joy (of which we had many in 2022) and sorrow that we endure. It can remind us to be grateful not just for one Thursday but on every Thursday and every day throughout the week. Happy Thanksgiving!!!