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Involve Employees

from the Beginning

· Goal Setting,Leadership,Expectations,Communication,Team Work

Employees who are involved in the direction of their organizations, divisions, groups or teams are more likely to stay on board and see them realized. In The Sustainability Advantage, author Bob Willard conducted surveys that showed that 20% of employees would not leave their employer if they were attracted to the company’s sustainability initiatives. The most efficient way to retain them is to engage them.

The drive for movement must come from senior leadership but neglecting the insights of so many employees is detrimental. Include them in the dialogue in a meaningful manner, set up workplace committees with actual goals that can become realized. Find ways, like your intranet, to gather data and input from many employees. Be careful that you share this information properly and timely or employees will lose confidence in its value. Let employees know what is occurring during the orientation and onboarding process.

“Human capital will go where it is wanted, and it will stay where it is well treated.

It cannot be driven; it can only be attracted.” - Walter Wriston