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In Transition

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At times, we are steady in our lives but at other times, we find ourselves in transition; moving from one thing to another. When working with clients in transition, I encourage them to:

  • RECOGNIZE what has happened – what are you and others experiencing?  Focus your attention on the obvious and the “not so” obvious behaviors in order to move forward.
  • PERMIT feelings to surface – give yourself and others permission to express concerns but be sure it’s done constructively.
  • REFLECT on the experiences – the changes may have been very fast-paced for you and others. People need time to process on how any change can actually be a new opportunity.
  • TAKE responsibility - stay honest.  Strive for you and others to feel safer and to be accountable for one's own behavior.
  • MODEL compassion, help move from blame to resolving challenges. Work towards an environment that is dealing with and healing from the changes.
  • LET GO and then go forward.  When people become unstuck in the past, only then can they move towards the future.  The same amount of energy can hold us where we are or guide us to a new position.

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"Even a mistake may turn out to be

the one thing necessary to a worthwhile achievement.” – Henry Ford