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Go Ahead: Argue with Success

· Self-Improvement,Results

When things go right for your group or for you personally, do not just let them go. 

That is the natural tendency. By nature, we, as humans, focus too often on the negative, the anomalies. Instead, find out why they went right, and how you can continue that success in the future. Take some time to analyze, to learn.    

If some thing gets done ahead of schedule, everyone is pleased. Take another moment to find out what variables were in play that allowed things to happen as they did. Recognize individual or team efforts, or your own efforts. Did some technology work better? Was a particular process more efficient? How might communication have been more effective? What role, if any, did supervisors play? 

Question the outcome!   

Make the most of your success.   


"Nothing limits achievement like small thinking;

nothing expands possibilities like unleashed imagination.”

– William Arthur Ward