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Conflict Takes Courage

· Communication,Conflict

Conflict actually takes a great deal of courage, and most people prefer to avoid it. This could lead to blame, criticism, gossip, breaking trust, even bullying. Most people will have greater trust in you if you remain honest and open with them. If you care enough to say something, albeit, in a polite manner, they will likely hear you.

This past month, I gave feedback on two instances; one to a friend and the other to a professional colleague. Both of these people know that if I take the time to say something, it’s because I actually care about them. It's not just wanting to make a point, one even said she was actually expecting me to say something. But to share feedback, it must be done carefully for someone else to properly hear what you have to say. As long as the other person is willing, it can actually bring you both into a stronger relationship. Sometimes, though, people don’t hear us but that’s their issue and we must know that.

"We all need people who will give us feedback.

That's how we improve." - Bill Gates