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Gotcha! No new baby but....The Sky's The Limit Consulting is excited to announce that we plan to launch a new service to our current and future customers. Beginning in January, we will introduce you to our e-Learning portal with two timely versions of Harassment Prevention Training; one for all staff (one hour) and one for all supervisory staff (two hours).

As of January 2020, five US states (California, Connecticut, Maine, New York and Rhode Island) and the City of New York have already legislated mandatory workplace harassment prevention training. This must take place at least once every two years for employers in both public and private sectors. Employers who must comply will vary among the jurisdictions based on the number of employees and other factors. Traditionally, many employers regardless of legislation, have offered these types of training to bring awareness through continuing education.

Our program is based on the provisions set by California which has the greatest detail. This allows our programs to easily cover all the requirements in other locations. It is our intention to update our courses each year to be sure that they remain compliant to any revised or new legislation. Stay tuned!