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Attracting the Positive

· Expectations,Self-Improvement

After coming home from a professional dinner meeting, I realized that my wallet was missing from my briefcase. The last time I had it in my hand I had bought some 50-50 raffle tickets at the event. Right away I was freaking out and only thinking that someone had taken it out of my closed briefcase.

Fortunately, the meeting was nearby, and I was able to drive back within minutes. At home, and during the drive, I found myself getting stressed about what may be lost - credit cards, driver's license, other cards, and over $100 in cash. Then, I called a few colleagues hoping that they were still there and asking if anyone had found it. Nothing. I called the hotel as we drove back up, nothing. Then I said to myself, “It's going to be all right. It's going to be found, you need to think positively. Attract its safe return. See yourself getting back the wallet.”

When I walked into the lobby, the front desk clerk, whom I had just spoken to from the car five minutes before, said that indeed, it was found. My wallet was at the bar, and I asked for the name of the employee who had found it in the meeting room. The meeting room was still being cleaned, and the employee who found it was still there. I thanked him and gave him a token of my appreciation for his honesty. Then, I took the hotel phone number and called the GM to have him thank the employee as well. Behavior like that should be noticed.

In every situation, all day long, we have two choices, and we need not go to the negative until we have an actual reason to work with it. By staying positive, my mind was more clear and allowed me to think of different things that I could do to resolve the situation. And if the wallet was not returned, the steps I would have needed to take would have been simple enough and life would have gone on.

Think positively!

“The mind has a powerful way of attracting things that are in harmony with it, good and bad.” - Idowu Koyenikan