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Advice from CEOs

· Goal Setting,Work Styles,Expectations,Motivation,Self-Improvement

Advice to youth can still play well through the ages. What is your takeaway even today?

From an article once published in the USA Today; Executives’ advice to teens starting their first jobs:

“Approach every job as if it’s the most important thing you will ever do. If you are committed, you will be successful.”; first job – loaded beer trucks

“Working with people and taking responsibility as a team member will be more rewarding than working at a keyboard.”; first job – blaster at a nickel/silver mine

“If the job doesn’t interest, look for nuggets to learn and apply later in life.”; first job – tuxedo rental shop clerk

“Learn all you can. Try to view your job comprehensively as if it were your own business. Ask yourself: ‘What kind of employee would I like to have?’ Be that kind of employee.”; first job – visited construction sites with his father

“Never limit yourself. Look beyond to what needs to be done. Then do it. Stretch. Go beyond what others expect.”; first job – reporter for small newspaper in Albertville, AL

“Find a job that forces you to work effectively with people. No matter what you end up doing, dealing with others will be critical.”; first job – door-to-door salesman

“You’re not likely to get a job you’re passionate about. That comes later. Bring your best to the table every day. Learn professional responsibility and how to handle difficult situations.”; first job – worked in father’s produce store

“Teens working for gratuities should test strategies to see what type of service increases tips.”; first job – delivered newspapers

“Only those who dare to fail greatly

can ever achieve greatly.”

– Robert F. Kennedy