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  • Webinar Effectively Managing Employee Performance During COVID-19

    Having had a great response to our "Working From Home" webinars, this naturally led to the need for a deeper conversation about leading employees who are working virtually, back at their workplaces, or in a hybrid of the two.


    For 2021, we are offering a new program entitled “Out of Sight Yet Still Virtually Productive: Effectively Managing Employee Performance During COVID-19”. Designed for HR professionals and Supervisors, we discuss key questions such as:


    • What is the role of the Supervisor in managing this vital human resource program during a pandemic?

    • How can HR professionals ensure an effective program?

    • What differences need to be considered?

    • Does anything remain the same?


    Employee Performance Management encompasses effective structure, communication, consistency, and fairness. When conducted properly, it impacts the organization, individual departments, and every employee. It drives systems and processes attempting to build products and/or services with results that have value.

    Our response to COVID-19 Free Webinar

    To support so many during the COVID-19 pandemic, we created a webinar to assist people coping with the changes in the workplace entitled “Working From Home: Time Mastery Tips”. This program focused on three layers - basic time management techniques, time management when working from home and time management when working from home as a response to the coronavirus that has permeated our nation. In 2020, we facilitated 20 pro bono one-hour webinars for SHRM (Human Resource Chapters), Chambers of Commerce and other business groups.


    Online Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Courses Now Available!

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    Interview: Coaching helps those with time management issues

    We were recently interviewed by Channel Pro Network about how our coaching services, specifically how we help our clients with Time Management issues. During this pandemic, individuals have been facing new or modified challenges in working from home whether it is for the very first time, happening more often than before or under different circumstances.


    Listen to this brief interview here

  • PEOPLE...


    No matter what type of organization you are in,

    there are PEOPLE.


    Our strength is in the PEOPLE side of doing business.


    Organizations have

    buildings, furniture, equipment, inventory,

    even the latest technology,

    but without PEOPLE,

    what would happen?




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